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M.V. Kid Sitters is a licensed Massachusetts state agency established in 2005 (Mass. license # 7299). We provide experienced trained child care on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.
We serve the six island towns: Aquinnah, Chilmark (& Menemsha), Edgartown (& Chappaquidick), Oak Bluffs, Tisbury (Vineyard Haven) & West Tisbury.


Hi, I am Lori Sue Herman. I am the proprietor of MV Kidsitters (and an attorney in Edgartown) and a parent here on the island.

Some years ago my friends and I observed that seasonal residents, guests, brides and other visitors did not know where to turn for babysitters. There were no resources to help for an evening out, extra hands and eyes at the beach, an event, rehearsal dinner or wedding party. Hotel guests and home renters wanted a night out and did not know where to get responsible child care.

I then researched the issues and began this service. We are a licensed insured, bonded Massachusetts agency. Our sitters follow specific rules of conduct and safety. They provide their own transportation round trip (slightly different on Chappaquiddick).

Kidsitters is a locally owned and operated business, not an anonymous internet clearinghouse.

The sitters have CPR training, they are background and reference checked. They come to the customer’s venue. Our sitters have watched children at hotels, residences, weddings, parties, and boats. We have sent sitters to assist with babies both daytime and overnight giving the parents a restful sleep or the opportunity to work out. We supplied a sitter to watch a dog whom the owners did not feel comfortable leaving alone in a strange house (and have provided dog walkers to other owners).

All of the sitters have been carefully selected, some are teachers at Island schools, some are students & graduates of the Regional High School, others are college students, parents and summer residents. We are proud that some of our sitters have been with us for several summers and some have been with us from the start.

We are now completing our tenth year.
Thanks to all of our wonderful sitters and customers and friends!
Some things we have learned in the ten years: You can never book early enough for August; We will have fewer sitters after August 15th; Day jobs are harder for us to fill than evenings; People who come for weddings usually have very young children so advance booking is strongly recommended. Please understand that this is an island and we have a finite work force – no body comes over on the boat to babysit. And, despite the best intentions, a sitter may need to cancel (this past summer one had pink eye & another a car breakdown).

Here is are excerpts from a letter from a summer 2014 customer:
“Lori Sue: Sorry for the belated note, but I wanted to thank you for sending XYZ to babysit for our toddler son this past Saturday evening in Martha’s Vineyard. XYZ was charming and did a wonderful job playing with our son, feeding him and getting him to bed by the time we got back at 8:20 pm.

“We really appreciated your service as it allowed my wife and me to have a relaxing dinner out on one of our last nights on the Island. We know it must have been difficult for you to find sitters near the end of the season, especially on a Saturday night, but you came through: XYZ (like ABC last Monday before her) was terrific. We will look forward to using your service during our future visits to the Vineyard and will recommend your service to others.

“Many thanks again for making the arrangements that allowed us to enjoy our vacation a little bit more. Best wishes to you for Labor Day and for the year ahead”.

A recent client was a family here for two weeks with two small children with early bedtimes. By calling our service the parents had the chance to go out to dinner and listen to some music.

“We had been renting on the island for several years and were unable to consistently locate a sitter for our grandchildren,” said a grandmother of three from the Boston area. “The sitter came to the house the nights we requested and it made for a few easy nights out with our adult children. I am hosting a party later this summer and will call Kidsitters again to help with my grandchildren and a few other visiting kids during the party.”

We can also provide tutors to assist in keeping the kids stimulated and up to speed in their school work.
Our license permits us to place in home assistance of various sorts.
Just ask.

MV Kid Sitters fills a need for visitors, seasonal residents and their guests.
We are always happy to assist you.
Call us at at 508-627-7767 or
email us:

If you need any baby equipment, jogging strollers, beach chairs, umbrellas or the like while you’re visiting:
Call our friends at locally run MV Baby Rent who deliver island wide
Baby Equipment Rental: 508-627-8830 – you can also order directly from their website.
Their website includes a list of family activities on the island.

Enjoy your time here!

Another customer letter from August 2014:
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending ABC to sit for us while we were on the Vineyard (in Edgartown).

“I also wanted to thank you for assisting me with my daughter while she was sick and giving us the Pediatrician on the island as well as offering DVDs or other advice about making her feel most comfortable. I did have to come home early with her and did not meet ABC however, my husband said she was great! My daughter had a really bad upper respiratory infection, and is on a medicated nebulizer for the next couple days. She seems back to her 4 year old self today!

“Your information as well as the Baby rental place (which also came through after hours for our friends with a crib) is in the houses’ information book for other renters.

“Please give ABC our information as we would love to have her reach out should she want to babysit while attending College (We live in Cambridge). We know she is lucky to be studying abroad for the 1st semester but hope we can see her when she returns!

Take care,”

MV Kid Sitters fills a need for visitors, seasonal residents and their guests.

We are always happy to assist you. 

Call us: 508-627-7767 or

email us:

IMPORTANT: Remember to check yourselves & your family for ticks as there is a high incidence of tick borne illness on the island (Lyme Disease, Tularemia & others).