The following are true in our little island business:

Day jobs are harder for us to fill than evenings.

The earlier a customer books there’s a better chance we can get them the same sitter throughout.

We are at our busiest in the middle of August. At the same time that the most visitors arrive most of the college student work force leaves. If you need a sitter between August 10th – August 31st please arrange it as far in advance as possible.
Same for wedding weekends in the fall.

The peak is the third week in August – particularly that Thursday night & Saturday. That week includes three of the biggest summer events on the island: Illumination Night in Oak Bluffs, The Agricultural Fair in West Tisbury and the Oak Bluffs Fireworks. And the next week it is noticeably  quieter.

If you want to get into the most “well regarded” restaurants – call now (never too early). Then call us to set up the sitter.

Also – please know that the Vineyard has an high incidence of tick borne illnesses. Please check yourselves & your children.


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